The AI Reinvention is here

We are now in the midst of a profound transformation with generative AI.

The near future promises a shift toward
AI Agents that are more sophisticated, augmented, and supervised by humans.

Globant's 10 years of investment in AI now comprised in an innovative suite of AI agents and products to boost results.

Are you ready to embrace this change? Let's explore...

AI Agents that dare to delight

We fuel human expertise with our AI Agents to transform productivity, driving significant gains for companies at scale.

Backend Prototyping AI Agent

Enables users, regardless of their technical knowledge, to create the backend of a business application in record time.

Application Design AI Agent

Brings your vision to life from a simple text input, accelerating the design process and simplifying teamwork.

AI Agent

Helps companies deliver high-quality software, faster, by developing comprehensive test plans and executing those tests.

Code Fixer AI Agent

Fixes issues based on contextual understanding of the existing codebase and the reported bug.

Product Definition AI Agent

Takes multiple inputs to break down the user stories that the development team needs to build such product.

Revolutionizing Software: GenAI

AI is transforming the Software Development Life Cycle accelerating development and enhancing communication. Discover how to begin on this journey in our new whitepaper.

Your industry can gain a competitive advantage through AI today

Our AI Reinvention Studios can take you to the next level with industry tailored AI Agents and solutions.

AI development as an NVIDIA Global Systems Integrator

100% of our Globers are AI certified

Every Agile Pod at Globant has a mission to detect opportunities for AI adoption to improve efficiency and increase business impact.

A suite of products to give you fast competitive advantage

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the AI revolution now

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